This is not off to a good start.

This is not off to a good start and I guess I knew that it wouldn’t from the start. I know myself as myself is a blogger not… not at all. I want to be but I it’s just not in me to put forth the effort… at least on here. You see I read a lot on a site call MEDIUM. If you have not been of it I recomend you check it out. Anyhow I plan on writing some articles on that site. Once I am established I will add a link to my main page.


It’s Alive

Words and ideas are not always static. They change and breath grow and morph and stretch into new concepts. This it the main idea behind this journal.  I would love to say this idea sprung from my own consciousness but it did not. It is a concept I discovered from from Grey Cross and his site Immortal Artist.  It’s kind of like a Frankenstein Mr. Potato head concept in that the creator uses what he has at his disposal to create his creation and, if he happens upon an extra limb one day that changes his viewspoint , he can always go back and add it somewhere to change the original creation. (I’m sure this Journal description will change at some point)

The main theme will center around Writing and Creativity but that is just the body and brains of this journal. The content will change and grow and, at times, be dormant.

The potential to change is limitless, so lets march forward together with our pens and our crayons and our papers and our mid-shower ideas, as one collective unconscious, and explore changing worlds together.

“It’s a start.”

I have never been one to keep up with a blog before. Most of the time I write a post or two then convince myself that it’s not worth the effort or that my time would be better spent writing something else instead or that it would be nothing more then a single drop of rain in a vast ocean of other blogs. That mind set has gotten me nowhere.

“It’s a start” that’s what I have to tell myself. “It’s a start, I’m not standing still anymore.” At times it feels like I am still comparing a first draft of a new story with the finished works of the masters but then I take a step back and tell myself “It’s a start.”

King, Bradbury, Hemingway ect… – years of failure and shitty first drafts have paved the way for me to not take myself to seriously or believe that everything I do needs to be polished, shined and served on a silver platter because “It’s a start.”

Even greats like Pablo Picasso created:

  • 13,500 paintings
  • 100,000 graphic prints or engravings
  • 34,000 book illustrations
  • 300 sculptures and ceramics

and you know some of those early works must have met there end in a blaze of frustration and fire. (in my opinion at least)

So here I go to  create and learn and stink and shine and write crap and create new worlds and crumple and smile and and bang my head against the nearest hard object and, in doing so, creating works that inspire and change lives and that are loved for there ability to envoke emotions or hated for there ability to reflect personal regret.

and if nothing else, if I never sell a single story or change a single life or gain a single reader or envoke an single emotion, I can at the very least know that I tried, that I finally followed a passion and that regret can choke the cloud of dust left by my dancing fingers.